Military Grade Voltage Protection


As military technology is rapidly evolving, so is the constant demand for absolute power protection in the defense sector. For countries enforcing military capabilities to protect themselves, there should be no room for error when it comes to equipment reliability.


Severe voltage fluctuations, if left unrectified, can lead to a loss of millions of dollars in equipment damage – or an even more serious and dire consequence. It can be disastrous when it comes to military flight simulations, and even aerospace applications.


Voltage quality in military applications need to be precise, reliable, clean and durable to provide a conducive learning environment for soldiers, while expanding their capabilities and readiness to defend their countries at all costs, so that they can come home safely to their families.



Peace and democracy is not something that should be taken for granted – it comes at the price of being vigilant at all costs. Ashley Edison Global upholds its utmost duty to ensure that all military forces around the world can perform at peak performance when it comes to their operations. 


Since 2002, Ashley Edison Global has embarked on a never-ending journey to build innovative voltage solutions that stood the test of time, the harshest environments – while complementing the ever-evolving technologies of the military industry.


Adhering to its design philosophy while embracing simplicity and value in design for both commercial and industrial applications, it has solidified its position as a trusted voltage quality solution provider for the military industry for the past 20 years. 



While maintaining its reputation, Ashley Edison Global aims to lead the defense industry into a radiant and hopeful future – by adapting emerging, new and unknown military technology with a fluid, ready and prepared mindset through its voltage solutions.


This Anniversary Report covers the challenges that countries face when it comes to modern military technology and the importance of Automatic Voltage Regulators in military applications, as well as contributions that Ashley Edison Global has provided to the military sector, both locally and worldwide.


Learn more about how Ashley Edison is trusted by military armed forces around the world here.



U.S Army; U.S. Navy; Kuwait Coast Guard; MINDEF (Singapore); DSTA
Up to 750kva
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