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World leaders in Power Protection Solutions, manufacturing of AC Automatic Voltage Stabilisers, Power Line Conditioners & associated voltage control equipments.

About us

Here at Ashley Edison International, as a trusted leader in power solutions, we specialize in voltage stabilizers, power conditioners, UPS, and surge protection devices. With our cutting-edge technologies, we ensure uninterrupted operations and protect valuable assets for businesses worldwide. Our personalized approach and commitment to excellence have earned us a reputation for delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

At Ashley Edison, our vision is to be a global leader in providing innovative power protection solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a sustainable and reliable energy environment. We strive to become the go-to partner for companies seeking superior power quality and uninterrupted operations.

At Ashley Edison, our mission is to empower businesses with reliable and innovative power protection solutions that ensure uninterrupted operations, enhance productivity, and contribute to a sustainable energy future.

Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, culture of excellence and continuous learning. These values serve as the foundation for our organization, guiding our actions, decisions, and relationships. They represent our commitment to being a trusted partner, an industry leader, and a responsible corporate citizen.

We have a gift 

for you!

Before we move on, we understand that internships are valuable opportunities for students and young professionals to gain practical work experience in a specific field or industry.

Here is a little gift from us to help you with your journey to entering the working industry!


Caption Writing

  • Craft captivating captions for our social media posts.

  • Create infographics and canva artworks to explain what we do.

  • Work closely with content creators and marketing teams to develop creative captions that align with our brand.

Blog Writing

  • Create engaging and informative content covering topics regarding the engineering industry.

  • Develop ideas that is engaging and easy to read, and incorporating keywords for search engine optimization (SEO).

Managing Social Media Platforms

  • Create and perform social media strategies that increase brand awareness, engage followers, and drive traffic to the company’s website.

  • Creating content, managing social media accounts, analyzing performance metrics, and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends

Hard Skills you will learn:

Content Creation

Writing blog posts and captions develops strong writing skills, including grammar, spelling, and tone. Managing social media platforms requires creating visual content such as graphics, videos, and images

Design Creation

Creating visual content for social media requires knowledge of graphic design software like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, or Illustrator

Data Analytics

Social media platforms and our website provide data on engagement, traffic, and other metrics. Interns can learn how to interpret this data to improve content strategy and overall performance



Polytechnics we have worked with

Case STudies

Sterling & wILSON

Sterling and Wilson Solar, an Indian solar power solutions provider, deployed automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) to overcome voltage fluctuations in their solar power plants. 

We supplied 40 units of SES-5H-S20 Single Phase Servo Electronic Automatic Voltage Regulators. 

This enabled the plant to operate smoothly during high-voltage situations, which helped the company to improve its overall energy output.


Coca-Cola’s bottling facility in Saudi Arabia was troubled, there was frequent equipment breakdown and these outages cause unanticipated disruptions and unplanned downtime. 


But with the help of Ashley Edison, we came up with a solution, After careful calculations from the Ashley Edison(UK) engineering team, this was the solution: 


A 1,000 KVA 3Phase SESL Series Automatic Voltage Stabilizer to be installed at the production facility.

Testimonials from past Interns

Wonderful Place to be an intern in. The community at the workplace is so caring and inclusive. The skills and knowledge learnt here are so effective and useful that I can even apply them in my future career options. One thing I love about this intern experience is how everyone is willing to help one another and works as a team. It really helped me to build leadership and at the same time, learn how to be a team player. If I could, I would definitely intern here again!

Name: Ebenezer Yu

Polytechnic: Republic Polytechnic

Our Culture


As a company, we go on trips to different places to enjoy many kinds of activities. One of the activities we used to do is prawning! If you are a fan of prawning, come join us and let us catch some prawns together! 

Karaoke Sessions!

Do you love to sing? At Ashley Edison, we have many talented singers and we host karaoke sessions! On Fridays, we would sing our hearts out after a long week. Come and join us and sing some of your favourite songs!

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