Founded in 1977, Ashley-Edison (UK) has evolved to become one of the world’s leading specialist providers of AC Voltage Stabilizers and associated power line conditioning solutions.

From the blistering heat of the Arabian Desert to the subzero temperatures and remoteness of Caucasian mountains, Ashley-Edison Voltage Stabilisers and Power Line Conditioners can be found safeguarding vital electrical and electronic equipment against damaging voltage irregularities, all to too common in todays incoming utility supply lines.

Our Voltage Control solutions ensure our Customers – from consumers and small businesses to the largest of global organizations – can be certain that their vital systems and manufacturing processes always receive a voltage supply that is stable and clean – free from the vagaries of the mains utility supply.

Unrivalled Experience & Breadth of Offering

Every power protection solution we offer is backed by the unrivalled experience we have gained in world markets over the last years or so. In that time, our unique design innovations have set new performance levels and the breadth of our offering has broadened to accommodate the needs and ever demanding requirements of our growing Client base. 

We are proud to be market leaders in Voltage Control and today, where performance is everything, Ashley-Edison have the ability to offer a solution from our extensive range of standard and custom built products. 


Exceptional Quality

UK Design excellence

Our UK specialist design team, supported by engineers from our purpose built ISO 9001:2015 certified assembly plant, ensures Ashley-Edison is able to deliver QUALITY voltage control solutions, manufactured and supplied at affordable globally competitive prices. 

The Quality of our offering and service is the underlying principle that drives us in all aspects of our endeavours. Only by delivering solutions with exceptional long-term performance are we able to consistently grow our business and be able to endorse our product offerings with a truly market leading warranty of up to 3 years.

Customer-Centric Approach​

With our corporate headquarters based in the UK, our international network of regional sales and support offices and agents ensures we are able to stay close to our customers and be highly responsive to their changing needs. 

We pride ourselves in the efforts we make to fully understand our customers’ requirements. We meet these requirements by providing a carefully tailored portfolio of relevant, affordable market-leading products and services. All staff, at all levels of our business, are empowered to make decisions that ensure our business and offerings evolve as our customers’ requirements change.

Ashley Edison Asia Pte Ltd operates under Ashley Edison International Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Our Certifications


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Ashley Edison Asia Pte Ltd operates under Ashley Edison International Ltd in the United Kingdom.

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